About Level 2 Energy

Level 2 Energy provides fundamentals-based risk management and hedging services for oil and gas producers, midstream operators, utilities, or anyone with energy commodity price exposure. Level 2 is a registered CTA entity with the National Futures Association.

We believe that an understanding of fundamentals is vitally important to quantifying risk and making good hedging decisions. Our approach to hedging involves studying each situation from an upstream and downstream perspective, determining what risks exist, and presenting the best and most cost-effective options for mitigating those risks.

Our background is rooted strongly in the physical energy business, with experience in the movement of natural gas, crude oil, and NGLs from wellhead to burnertip. Long-standing relationships with producers, utilities and end-users mean that we understand what’s important to our customers.

Danielle Sandusky, President

Danielle’s interests are in the fundamentals of energy markets, particularly the individual characteristics that set physical markets apart from each other and from purely financial markets.  Her 15 years of experience in energy trading make her uniquely qualified to understand the idiosyncrasies of each commodity. She has a B.S. in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Oklahoma and an MBA from Colorado State University. She is a Commodity Trading Advisor registered with the NFA under ID number 0496398.