This week's energy prices

Nat gas finished the week strong, as a small injection into storage signaled the winter’s end and the beginning of the summer fill season. Cash prices in most locations are already well above first-of month settlements, with strength provided by regional weather patterns and continued futures buying.

Oil prices jumped 22 cents on Friday after news of US airstrikes in Syria. Syria itself is a relatively small player, with production of around 65,000 bbl/d. The move was a response to the chance of conflict affecting larger regional producers such as Iraq, and was tempered by a weaker-than-expected jobs release.

wti Crude

StripToday1 day change1 week change
May 17$52.65+$0.43+$1.48
Bal 17$53.13+$0.35+$1.55
Cal 18$53.13+$0.20+$1.29
Cal 19$52.59+$0.17+$1.24
Cal 20$53.18+$0.21+$1.17

NYMEX nat gas

StripToday1 day change1 week change
May 17$3.27-$0.06+$0.08
May-Oct 17$3.39-$0.05+$0.10
Winter 17-18$3.58-$0.05+$0.11
Summer 18$2.85-$0.03+$0.00
Cal 18$3.06-$0.04+$0.03
Cal 19$2.83-$0.01+$0.00
Cal 20$2.83+$0.01+$0.01

selected NG cash prices

LocationToday's Price1 Week Change
Opal, WY$2.85+$0.19
Dominion S$3.03+$0.22
EP Permian$2.79+$0.16

Note: All prices are indicative and are sourced from Bloomberg as of 11:48 MST Friday, April 7. For live prices or hedge strips, contact us directly.

selected Crude cash prices

LocationToday's Price1 Week Change
Bakken Clearbrook$52.93+$1.48
Louisiana Light Sweet$54.53+2.03
WTI Midland$51.03+$1.53
W. Tx Sour$50.68+$1.53